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Leigh High School Spirit
Spirit Events

Here are a few team events that will be going on throught the season.  Stay posted for more !!!! 

Team Pictures
    Thursday, October 10th @ 3:30
Meet in the small gym NO LATER than 3:20 with FULL uniform on
Holiday Party
    Thursday, December 19  @  6:30-9:30 (tenative)
Parent Appreciation Night
    Thursday, January 23  @  6:30-9:30 (tenative)
Valentine's Party
    February  (TBA)
Leigh H.S. Spirit Night
March  (TBA)
Team Banquet  
     April   (TBA)
Try-Outs for the '03-'04 season
     April  (TBA)

More team event ideas:  Bowling/Pizza Party, Dinner & Movies, Pre-Nationals BBQ/potluck (at some brave person's house), Parents Night Out