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Leigh High School Spirit
Just What Is Jennie Thinkin' ???


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Here are the "random" thoughts or "thought-out" thoughts from JENNIE...

I can't express how proud I am of all of you!  I had people asking "Just where is Leigh High School?"  You made them all sit up and take notice!
We now need to prepare for Santa Cruz.  We need to focus on being sharp and tight.  Remember your comments when you watched Del Oro HS ... how precise they were.  Monday we will review the judges comments and focus on precision.  You are going to be GREAT at Santa Cruz.
You were unbelievable at Great America!  I was VERY happy with your performance.  I hope you were too!  If you continue to work as hard as you have been, you will qualify soon!  (Santa Cruz!) 

If there is anything you'd like the coaches to mention, please let us know  *\O/*